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Providing tools to help analyze and present
real estate related investment opportunities.


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Rental property investment analysis tools help you find positive cash flow real-estate properties

Easy-to-use real-estate cashflow calculators from VERUS Decision Solutions help you identify positive cash flow real-estate properties. Ensure positive rental property cash flow with the VERUS real-estate cashflow calculator.

Whether you're a part-time or professional real-estate investor, realtor or mortgage broker, the VERUS real-estate cashflow calculators will help you make more profitable, accurate decisions about your next rental property investment.

Quickly and easily enter property purchase, income and expense details to determine the projected rental property cash flow, property appreciation, CAP rates, return-on-investment and much more.  Use VERUS
rental property investment analysis tools to identify your next profitable commercial or residential investment property.

VERUS real-estate cashflow calculators help you:

  • Easily find positive cash flow real-estate properties and maximize your Return-on-Investment
  • Analyze commercial and residential investment properties
  • Compare multiple rental property investment options
  • Perform multi-year projections for rental property cash flow
  • Easily define a prospective Joint Venture partner's cash investment and property ownership

What Professionals have to say about VERUS

"I've been researching ways to leverage my first property as rental income and ensure that I manage my risk appropriately. Verus has been very useful in helping me account for the details while giving me the big picture from a cash flow, principal payment and ROI standpoint. Thank You"

Sheldon Hu - Vancouver